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HESITATION, the enemy for everyone. If we will remove or overcome this word, then our life will be a bit easier. Then we can express ourselves much better in front of others. Every people is having different types of hesitations. But when we come to Language hesitation it makes our work more difficult.

If we talk in Hindi or Native language, persons are much more comfortable to share their problems and having many queries or topics to discuss. And if we restrict them to the English language to those who are having different native languages other than English. They stop themselves by sharing their views, the number of queries and topics reduces to be discussed.

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The point is that they don't want to come forward from their comfort zone. Here, Hesitation takes place, they think " What if my sentence is incorrect? What if my friends start laughing?What if my grammar went wrong? What if I stuck at a point?"  This WHAT IF creates more problems.

Focus on the root of the problem and automatically get your answer.
It mainly happens with the people who are Shy in nature, Having a Lack of words and Fear of getting judged by the people, and egoistic nature.
 Here are some points that can help in overcoming this WHAT IF/HESITATION.

 The most important step that will result in your spoken English confidently. Whatever you think, you have to think about these ideas or thoughts in English. This will make your mind more creative, when you think your ideas other than your native language, results are more creative. And when you start thinking in English you will definitely able to speak in English.

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 let's follow LSRW
  • READING- The reading habit is mandatory for increasing vocabulary and improving writing skills. So, we can use those words in our day to day conversation. You can read magazines, books, editorial pages of newspapers, etc.
  • WRITING- Write NEW words and their synonyms in the notebook, that will help to remember those words. And implement it in your conversation.
  • LISTENING- This step is an essential step. Listen to English music and keep the lyrics of the music with you and sing along with the singer and try the different accents of different countries of the English language.
  • SPEAKING- This step is the implementation of all the steps read above. Speak those words you have listed. 
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  • Talk in English with your friends you are comfortable with and with your parents. Narrate your whole day routine.
  • Talk to yourself loudly in front of the mirror, to build up your confidence.
  • Always start with simple words and short sentences.
  • Learn 4-5 vocabulary words every day.
  • Implement those vocabulary words in your daily conversation.
  • If someone corrects you, don't get your ego hurt, Accept it, Change it, and implement it.
  •  Be like a little baby trying to walk, they fall down again and again but still try to walk once more. Apply it to learn English.
  • Or join online spoken classes and talk to a random person without any hesitation.
  • Don't try to convert Hindi sentences to English to speak, it will cause more hesitation.
  • Watch English news or short videos of English and try to copy them by replaying the video.


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