Noun, A naming word


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A noun is a word used to name something. Things mean anything you can think of like a person, place, object, or any idea. It is the naming word. 

A noun can play the role of the object and subject. It normally refers to the things that can be living creatures and nonliving, different places, or anything. It is one of the parts of speech that helps to give meaning to a sentence. Noun mainly identifies the class of people, place, or thing with their particular name given to them specifically. It tells about the state of existence. Used in daily conversation.


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Types of the noun in the whole:

  • Common noun
  • Proper noun
  • Concrete noun
  • Abstract noun
  • Collective noun
  • Countable noun
  • Uncountable noun
  • Singular noun
  • Plural noun

COMMON NOUN- Common noun is a name given in common to every person of the same kind of things, people, place, or any idea. It is not detailed or pointed to a particular thing.

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For Example- Windows, Pencil, Book, Table, Sofa, etc.


PROPER NOUN- Proper noun is a name for a specific thing. Only a particular thing, person, place, or any idea. It denotes One’s own. The proper name always begins with the capital letter.

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For Example- Johny, Anna, Bombay, London, Pacific ocean, etc.


CONCRETE NOUN- Concrete noun is a name given for the visible things which can be perceived by using your sense organs.


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For Example- Mango, Dog, Fruit, Flower, House, etc.


ABSTRACT NOUN- Abstract noun is the name of a quality that is not visible. It can only be felt by living things that is our feeling, emotion.

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For Example- Goodness, Love, Kindness, Freedom, Courage, etc.


COLLECTIVE NOUN- Collective noun is a name given to a collection of things that are taken together or spoken by a group. A whole thing or an entire group.

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For Example- Crowd, Army, Audience, Family, Bunch, etc.


COUNTABLE NOUN- Countable noun is the name given to the things which can be counted easily and informs the number of an object whether it is singular or plural.

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For Example- Pen/Pens, Ball/Balls, Toy/Toys Doll, Bottle, etc.


UNCOUNTABLE NOUN- Uncountable noun is the name for the things that are not able to count easily in a simple manner and could not specify whether the thing is singular or plural.

For Example- Milk,, Flour, Rice, Snow, Water, etc.


SINGULAR NOUN- Singular noun refers to a single thing that is only one in number. It can be a person, a place, a thing, or an idea.

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For Example- Hero, Ship, Monkey, Baby, etc.


PLURAL NOUN- Plural noun refers to the things which are more than one not single. It can be people, places, things, or ideas.

For Example- Plates, Babies, Dogs, Pillows, etc.


COMPOUND NOUN- Compound noun is the name given by merging two or more words for a specific thing. It can be for people or any object.

For Example- Sister in Law, Textbook, Notebook, Fruit juice, etc.

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