Conclusion of Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

   Net surfing and Social Media                                       

According to a recent study, it is observed our young generation is very used to social media. We also spent a lot of time on Social media and net surfing. The social media platform is huge and it's increasing day by day. Now and then new applications are taking place and updating new features. 

But it's time to know the advantages and disadvantages of social media. So, that we can guide them toward it. Nowadays, we are having a lot of social media platforms, like.. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. They consume a lot of time as we waste it, scrolling social media.

Net surfing is also a big issue. It also has a positive and negative impact on our lifestyle. The most searched words are youtube, google, Gmail, google translate, weather, yahoo mail, hot mail, eBay, news, Netflix indeed, and google maps.  So, let's focus on social media advantages and disadvantages in English.


Using social media advantages

  • Social media and net surfing is the platform to be updated and know the world. Through this people will be familiar with the every day new things going into the world.
  • Social media and net surfing can be used to grab knowledge and solve our queries with just 1 click. People on daily basis can listen to or read news, get a vast platform to read, and increase their knowledge. It can be useful in education.

  • Shopping for required things can be done by not wasting our time traveling and also getting delivered to our doorsteps. It saves our time. It gives instant results for the things we search for and is also very easy to use. Multiple options are available. 
  • It fulfills our needs for entertainment at the ease in our homes. We get music, dance, and learning material and it is also helpful in solving our problems instantly. We just say or type and we get the answer instantly.
  • We remain in touch with our relatives, family members, and friends with the help of social media. We will be familiar with what's going on in their life and ensure their security.
  • We can find jobs by sitting in our comfort as it opens a wide range of websites and sends our resumes to different companies. There is no need to take a resume and travel from company to company to get hired.
  • We can work on our skills by getting the content on net surfing or social media. There is a big ocean of knowledge just you need to grab without spending a lot of money on different courses.

Social media disadvantages

  • We get distracted easily from our aim or from what we are doing. 
  • We compare our lives to others and get upset.
  • Youngsters misuse social media and harm themselves.
  • Our privacy is affected. A lot of crime takes place due to it.
  • Cybercrime is increasing day by day.
  • Sometimes social media mislead us.
  • We spent more money on shopping. We shop more than the requirements.
  • Screen time has increased a lot which affects our health in one or another way.
  •   Students are the main ones who are facing addiction to social media.
  • Youngsters had stopped spending time with their family members and are unfamiliar with family values.

So, now choose the best for your kids and if you are getting convinced by the advantages then make sure to look for the disadvantages. 


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