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Winter is a season full of joy and cold weather. essay on winter season   As this season is a lazy one, everyone feels lazy and sleepy.  Because it demands warmth and comfort. Winter season normally begins in October and continued till February.  The weather becomes cold and snowy. Some fruits especially come in winter such as Kiwi, Orange, pear, strawberries, and grapes. are winter fruits. Some foods are winter specials such as garlic, peanuts, carrot, radish, leafy vegetables, jaggery, sweet potato, etc. 

 winter fashion 2022  Dressing in winter is a very typical topic as everyone looks lazy and especially when we talk about winter formal dress.   winter wedding dressing

Some winter essentials can help you to take decisions about what to wear, so you can feel warm, and the look will also be effective. You can use any of them for winter dresses for women such as sweaters, dressy coats, casual coats, jeans, leggings, boots, thermal basics, jackets, long sleeve layering t-shirts, etc. dresses for winter



Some winter activities can help you to enjoy every little moment of this wonderful weather. You and choose any from the list. winter activities

best Christmas movies

Ice skating

Have a snowfall fight

Build a snowman

Learn to snowboard

Go  for skiing

Layer away

Enjoy hot chocolate

forget dieting.

winter break 2022

Every student is waiting for winter break. It starts from mid of December till mid-January. Winter vacation consists of Christmas and New year. .winter holidays

Now let's discuss the most trending topic of winter is the Christmas festival. Christmas day is celebrated on 25th December every year. Its the bday of gejus. Christmas means spreading happiness all over theworld. You must be having so many questions about Christmas. I would try to solve them all.  So, let's start by wishing Merry Christmas.

christmas day 2022When it comes to Christmas. First thing we think of is Christmas activities Christmas celebration. which consist of 

christmas crafts

  christmas colors  

christmas cards  

christmas cookies

christmas gift ideas

dress for christmas party

christmas decorations outdoor

 christmas decoration indoor

christmas songs

 christmas home decor


Things you need for Christmas celebration. It should be full of lights, cookies, candies, christmas tree should also be there. Decoration can be done by using balls, stars, colorful sticks, gifts. Color combo of decoration should be green and red. White and yellow can also be used in the christmas theme. Christmas garland should be hanged on door. All these can be madc at home by crafting papers, etc. You can also use some ideas for decorating ceilings.

Ginger bread cookies, candies and hot choclate can be  taken as Christmas treat. Christmas cards and gifts like scarf, toys etc. can be distributed in the relatives. If you know them , please prefer to take gift of their choice.

Christmas comes in winter so the background is white. So, green and red looks very nice.We can also plan some activities for the party or any game the guests can enjoy.

Take the help of all the family members and distribute the tasks It will help you to less your burden and they will also enjoy.

I hope you got some  ideas for Christmas. Merry Christmas and Hppy New year in advance. If you want me to write on any topic. Tell me in comment section. I will make sure to fulfill your demands by writing.

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