Gender: Female

Industry: Education

Location: India

Introduction: Pooja Jha is qualified with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and having Diploma in Medical Lab Technician. Currently working as a teacher and always anxious to learn new skills. Pooja Jha is a passionate writer and a certified Spoken English Professional. She is having a characteristic of correcting the pronunciation of others from a very young age. So, she started this blog to serve people by her extraordinary skills to those who are in the hunt for English Content based on English pronunciation, English Grammar, Quiz, Vocabulary, and Study materials related to it. She is working with an ambition to crush the fear and hesitation of the English Language as well as English Spoken among people.

Interest: Her favorite hobby is CRAFTING and DESIGNING. She is always thirsty to learn new skills. She has learned many new skills like Photoshop, HTML, Coding, Website Designing, etc.

Favorite Films: She loves mystery genre movies with technologies and also loves to see animated movies.

Favorite Music: She loves to listen to Shooting and relaxing songs with calm music.

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