Nowadays, ENGLISH is the language that plays a vital role in everyone's day-to-day life. So, here you will get everything about the English language. We are starting from the ground basic because here you will get the correct way of speaking English. PRONUNCIATION is a word that modifies the English language. English is common as well as a very essential language for the new generation and coming era. The way or pronunciation of speaking the English language depends or varies upon the area or the state you are living in means your home town. But here you can learn to speak English correctly.


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Correct Pronunciation is very important because when we talk to somebody, the way we are talking creates an image or leaves an impression on another person's mind. On that basis, they start judging us. And if the impression goes wrong, we have to face many things which are not in our favor. Like if we are facing an interview or we attended a party, their impression matters a lot.

So, instead of making fun of yourself better learn it. For the betterment of the future, for new opportunities waiting for you. And if you are surrounded by people like small kids, students then it is most important because whatever you speak and however you speak, they will copy you, they will learn from you. It's time to be a perfect guardian.

Now, the question arises that how we will do this? 

Pronunciation and Speaking of any language can only be learned by either speaking or hearing and practicing it again and again by using it in our daily life. So that you will become fluent and used to. On this site, we will provide you the content from the ground basic and all you need to do is practice. Simple English words are used on this page so that everyone can understand them easily.

First of all, we will start with the basics of English that is Alphabet, all the letters of English have a sequence A TO Z.  We will start with the Sounds means" How to pronounce letters correctly.

We have to start with the ground basic and learn all the new and present sounds in the English language. The letter makes word and the word makes the sentences. So, it is quite necessary to learn from the basics and correct them. 

Start with the phonic sounds of the letters and practice them by repeating them.

A- -as in apricot

B-   -as in ballon

C-   - as in cake

D-  -as in  delicate

E-   -as in elegant

F-  -as in the flower

G-  -as in groom

H-  -as in hammer

I-   -as in igloo

J-  -as in jackal

K-  -as in king

L-  -as in the lobster

M- म -as in marigold

N-  -as in the necklace

O- -as in an orphanage

P-   -as in paragraph

Q- क्व -as in quarantine

R-   -as in rocket

S-   -as in satellite

T-  -as in traffic

U- अ -as in umbrella

V-   -as in violin

W- वह्  -as in watch

X-  क्स -x-ray

Y-  -as in yellow

Z- ॹ as in zebra

One can merge the phonic sounds of letters to pronounce the word correctly by not identifying the letters but phonic sounds of letters. Phonic sounds are the basic requirement of the English language to provide fluency and accuracy in speech while doing conversation. The learner can start with the 2 letter words then move to three letters and so on. Slowly and steadily wins the race. Step by step learning will result in the fluency of the language like native speakers.

This concept is very helpful for kids also who have started learning. It can prove to be very fruitful to them in reading new words by merging sounds. 

Consonant Diagraph

As you know every letter is having there different unique sounds but sometimes it makes a totally different sound when it combines with other dominant letters.

 A consonant Diagraph is a combination of two different consonant letters with different sounds that results in a single and unique consonant sound.

It can occur anywhere in the word, in the beginning, or at the end of the word. It can also occur in the middle of the word. Consonant Diagraphs are groups of two successive letters that represent one unique sound.

There is a wide range of consonant digraphs in the English language. Sometimes, the combination of letters will make more than a unique single sound, or sometimes it will become silent.


The Consonant letter C and H form a combination but produces three different phonic sounds. We only have to memorize the pronunciation. Like

CH- as in CHAIR etc. 

There are many more consonant diagraphs that produce different sounds at different places.

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